Exit Interview


Exit interviews are focused on employees that are leaving an organization. The focus of this interview is to glean feedback from employees in order to improve certain aspects of the organization.

An exit interview is a tool that assesses:

  • What drives an employee to leave an organisation.
  • The aspects the employee valued.
  • What the employee thinks needs to improve in order to increase employee engagement, performance, and loyalty.

As a HR professional, does your organization conduct exit interviews? If No, you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to find out why your employees are jumping ship in the first place. When you know why a person is leaving, proactive steps can be taken to improve the situation for the remaining employees. Overtime, this will increase employee retention – translating into significant cost-savings and a more effective team.

Results of exit interviews can help improve your organisation.

Exit interviews can also be used to find out if an employee is moving to another employer which can enable organisations to amend their HR strategy to target, attract and retain top talent. Employers use the information gained from exit interviews to save money by assessing what should be improved, changed, or remain intact at both organisation-wide or departmental levels.

Many employers/HR ignore the opportunity that exit interviews offer, chiefly because exit interview is a little bit contemporary and starting them is a difficult initiative to undertake, given the potentially subjective and ‘fuzzy’ nature of the results; the time involved; and the unspoken corporate urge to avoid exposure to criticism.

Exit interviews are nevertheless a unique chance to survey and analyse the opinions of departing employees, who generally are more forthcoming, constructive and objective than staff still in their jobs. In leaving an organisation, departing employees are liberated, and as such provide a richer source of objective feedback than employed staff do when responding to normal staff attitude surveys.

My final thought…

In certain ‘unique’ situations the exit interview also provides a last chance to change an exiting employee’s mind, although this should not be the main aim of the exit interview.

Ify Martins


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